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Please contact Heather Landau at for a project brochure and to secure one of the remaining places.

Project Description

Located in a designated TEA (Targeted Employment Area), the primary objective of the development project is to create the largest Seafood Processing Plant in Florida, and the largest Tilapia and Shrimp Farm in the United States. Designed for sustainable growth, the project is well structured to meet the demands of the fastest growing food production sector in the world.

The project offers a total of $55 million in funding participation to 110 investors. The minimum amount required is $500,000 per EB-5 application and investors get first positions in all assets owned by the borrowing company.


The EB-5 Project Team

The Florida Aquaculture Investment Group is a carefully selected team of highly experienced companies and individuals within the field of aquaculture, combining extensive knowledge in theory and practice across the disciplines of aquafarming, nutrition, microbiology and genetics.

With over 80% of the world’s aquaculture production coming from Asia where automation hasn’t been a priority, the Florida Aquaculture Investment Group will adapt and integrate the most successful techniques from around the world to increase the levels of aquafarming productivity.



Florida Aquaculture Investment Group already has contracts in place for:

  • 10 million pounds of Fresh Tilapia fillets or the equivalent of 30 million pounds of live Tilapia per year.
  • 2 million pounds of Live Asian Seabass.
  • No contracts are currently in place for Shrimp production as prices vary based on market prices, however the production of Shrimp from the development project is estimated at 10 million pounds per year by 2020. Imports of shrimp to the United Stated during 2014 were 6.7 billion dollars with no significant domestic production.


Please contact Heather Landau at for a project brochure and to secure one of the remaining places.

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