We provide a bespoke solution for your American immigration

There are many different reasons why people from all over the world want to move to the US.

  • Business people are drawn by the opportunity to start a business in a country that celebrates and encourages entrepreneurial endeavour like no other.
  • Families move seeking greater opportunity for themselves and their children in a place where community and family are embedded in the culture.
  • For retirees, there is the opportunity to escape the European winter and live in a climate which helps them to remain active and healthy for longer.

We can help you 

  • Free Consultation – We will ensure we understand what you seek to achieve, and make sure that you fully appreciate the different US visa options available to you
  • Comprehensive Guidance  We will work with you throughout the entire  process and involve the relevant area specialists so that you receive all the information, guidance and advice you need
  • Expertise Our US attorneys are long established immigration experts. They provide you with comprehensive guidance on what is required for the visa route you are considering, along with relevant advice from our specialists in areas such as company incorporation, tax planning, real estate  and more
  • Here for the Long-TermWhen the time comes for you renew your visa, apply for permanent residency and eventually citizenship, should you choose to, we will be here to help you through this process. 

Other Important Considerations

And whilst selecting the right visa is important, it is only one of many important choices that you, the aspiring migrant, must make. 

Our expert partners in key areas will assist you in putting a full plan in place, to avoid any unforeseen and expensive surprises and help you to feel secure about all aspects of your immigration success.  

  • Finding a Home–  Whether rented or owned, finding your ideal property  is important when you are building a new life and a new home
  • Business Incorporation – If you are starting a business  you may require help to incorporate and check that you meet all of your legal obligations from day one
  • Franchising – You may prefer to open a franchise business which provides you with a strong brand and a support infrastructure
  • Tax – Ensure that your tax affairs are in order so that you have no unexpected tax bills when you become a US tax payer
  • Pensions & Asset ManagementYou may have a pension fund or assets and need to ensure that this is not adversely affected by your move to the US

We can help you with all of these.

What are my choices?

Are you a high net worth individual looking to invest in the USA with a direct route to a green card?

Do you want to start a new business in the US?

Do you have an existing business in your home country and are looking to expand to the USA? 


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