Are you considering buying an existing US business and moving there to run it?

Buying a business is a popular route for those who wish to move to the USA, for many reasons:

  • Ready developed brand identity
  • Existing customers
  • Trading history

Incorporating a company from scratch into an unfamiliar market will always be daunting. There are new rules and regulations to comply with, choices to make in terms of office location, hiring staff, finding suppliers and pleasing customers. You do not want to be bogged down in technicalities, or evaluating a vast marketplace like the USA.

Smooth transition into US business

Alongside our key US partners in Business Brokerage, we can assist you with finding the ideal US business to suit your individual requirements:

  • Searching for the right business through discussions with our experts
  • Professional assistance with reviewing the options available to you
  • Advice regarding due diligence once you have found a business you feel is right for you
  • Helping you through the purchase itself
  • Ensuring you are in a position to operate the business yourself – this may mean negotiating with a business owner to stay on for a period of time in order to help you make a smooth transition into managing your new business.

Our Value Proposition

We believe our uniqueness is in our ability to provide you with a full set of services related to your move abroad, from finding the correct business visa option to compliment your route to the US, to finding your perfect company as a platform to expand once you are over there.

The route of our expertise is in Company Incorporations, and we can deliver a fully comprehensive service which stems from over ten years in helping our clients to undertake business in a foreign environment.

Expertise on the other side

We work with expert Business Brokers in the USA, allowing you to experience the benefits of receiving guidance from the leading independent real estate company in Florida. Our partners consistently rank as one of the top brokerages in the country as measured by sales and transaction volume.

Our partners also offer over eighty years of experience in the industry, and combined with key entrepreneurial skills can provide you with the assistance you need to purchase an existing US business to suit you.


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