The process for renting or purchasing a property in the USA will remain the same no matter what visa you select. What will vary are your criteria for finding an ideal home: paired with our US associates, we can introduce you to the holiday home or permanent residence you have always dreamed of.

Property in the US currently

Despite the USA’s vastness, Florida has remained the most prominent choice for foreign – particularly British – buyers. Property hotspots include the Gulf coast, north of the Everglades and south of Tampa bay. Despite the high end status of the resort towns within these regions, there are currently many good deals available: within a short drive of Orlando, home of Disneyworld, a three bedroom villa with a pool can be sold for as little as £95,000.

This is a case in point that over the last decade, US property prices have been attractively low – average values of mainstream family homes throughout America are 32% lower than in 2005. Prices are set to stop falling however, and whilst this is a glimpse of positivity for investors, buyers should act now.

As US property value begins to climb once again later in 2012, new building projects are also emerging, up 2.6% from March 2012 and rising. The US owes this general trend to overseas property buyers making their impact on the market. If this is prospectively you, now is a pivotal time to start your search, whether you are looking to buy or pursuing an investment.

Purchasing process

Generally it will take around 2-4 weeks to buy a property, once you have decided on what’s right for you:

  • Finding your property – we can help you narrow down your search and find a selection of properties which best suit you
  • The offer – This is not legally binding, but negotiations can be made through an agent, who can convey your offer to the seller and place you in the best bargaining position possible
  • The contract – Once the contract is signed, this is legally binding and both parties must comply with the terms set out. It is important to get this right, and we work with real estate attorneys to ensure this is the case
  • Home inspections – Determine whether the physical state of the property is up to standard: through this, you should be aware of any defects that may affect the property value
  • Settlement – The final stage in closing a real estate transaction. A date for this is set during the negotiation, usually several weeks after the offer has been accepted
  • Financing – Financing involves some important decision making: whether you choose a mortgage, off-plan financing, equity release or alternative financing, you should feel secure in the route best suited to you, and we know just the advisors to help with this.

How we can help you

When exploring your US property options, we ensure that you engage with a highly reputable partner who can attend to all of your criteria for investment purchases, residential, or holiday properties. We understand that the process of finding your new home is a crucial point in your move overseas, and we want to be part of it.

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