As part of your application for an L-1A or E-2 business visa , you are required to submit a detailed business plan of your activities for the first five years of trading in the US. This is a key element of your application and it is important that your plans are well prepared.


The Challenge

For business owners and entrepreneurs, this can be a challenge. Even though you possess the experience and skills to operate a successful business you may too busy to allocate a number of days to the detailed task of preparing the plan in a format and the level of detail needed.    

Let Us Help You

We have extensive experience in this field and have produced successful business plans for many of our clients. Our in-house team include accountants and experienced business leaders with a combined total of more than 100 years commercial experience.

Our Service

We will begin by discussing your business and surrounding plans, followed by asking you a series of detailed questions to acquire all of the information we need to prepare your plan. We may seek further clarification during the preparation of the plan. Once the draft is prepared, we will send it to you for review and then finalise the plan ready for submission with your visa application.

We can guarantee –  

  • A turnaround time of two weeks once you have submitted the relevant information
  • A format and level of detail accepted by USCIS
  • An engaging presentation of your business and its objectives

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