If you are planning to move to the US in order to open a business, we can help you. We provide you with a full immigration package, meaning you have a single point of contact for both your visa and for finding a US franchise business to suit you. From managing the whole application for your US visa, to introducing you to a credible business in the USA, we will help you through the entire process, meaning it is easier for you to focus on other important areas of your move overseas.

The Franchising Route

It is difficult to assess your business options when moving into an unfamiliar environment, especially when you are trying to consider and pinpoint market needs in a country as widespread as the United States. If you are considering opening a US business but are unsure where to start, one route to consider is opening a franchise. Alongside our partners who are part of a network with key experience in US franchising, we can introduce you to a franchise which suits your requirements dependent on your skills, experience, requirements, budget and preferred location.

What is Franchising?

Franchising describes an agreement where a franchisor – the owner of an established business concept, sells other franchisees the right to own and run businesses using their trademark; this could involve anything from a chain of restaurants, to a company in the fitness and health sector.

For those looking to buy into one of these businesses, there is a wide range available for aspiring franchisees to choose from. Whilst this popular business model can deliver a sound investment, it is important to understand how it works, and how you can make the most of its benefits.


  • A visa can be granted in a matter of weeks
  • We can find you a US franchise suitable for you
  • We can help you to find staff – including senior management in the early stages, leaving you to manage other areas of your immigration

Why choose a franchise over a start-up?

You may wonder why you would want to use someone else’s brand and business ideas instead of starting your own company.

In short, franchising eliminates many of the challenges posed to those setting up a company in a new country. As a business person looking at moving to the USA, you are faced with the largest consumer market in the world. Along with being highly attractive, this also highly competitive, and with a huge geographic area like the United States comes a broader set of demographics – many different market segments with differing tastes and expectations, meaning it can be difficult to assess your market needs in the same way you would in your home country.

Franchising in the USA

The first franchise in the United States was started around a hundred years ago by Isaac Singer, who developed the sewing machine and expanded his business by selling licenses to entrepreneurs located in different regions, who would in turn distribute his products to consumers around the US.

This is now a well-established model: in the USA today, franchising is a concept which can be seen on every shopping street through some of the world’s most prominent and reputable brands, some of which have been operating for over sixty years. The longevity of these businesses is solid proof of a system which really works, and can be highly rewarding providing you choose your US franchise carefully.

Start your search for a US franchise

To begin finding you a US franchise, we require the following information from you:

  • Confirmation of the geographic area that you are considering, including towns and area codes ideally
  • Confirmation of your budget for starting a new franchise or purchasing existing businesses
  • Any specific requirements for your preferred business e.g. whether you plan on undertaking a fulltime business, or whether you would prefer a B2B or B2C environment?
  • What exit strategy you are looking for and over what time period
  • Whether you are seeking to build a business with an asset value or just seeking income
  • When you plan on moving to the US.

How we help you

We are able to help you to find a franchise alongside organising your USA visa, meaning you are working with a single point of contact throughout your immigration to the US: let us take away the pressure of finding your ideal US business, by speaking to us today to discuss your options.

If you are interested in beginning your search, we will arrange an initial call with a franchise expert to discuss your options in greater detail. We will introduce you to your preferred franchisor and support you with the application process, whilst also managing your visa application.

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