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If you would like to retire to the USA and are interested in receiving a green card, we have an opportunity for you which enables a direct route to permanent residency for retirees, with the chance to become a full US citizen after five years. 

With a direct investment of US $500,000 into a pre-approved US enterprise, the EB-5 program makes it possible to reside in the USA permanently. 

Please visit our EB-5 Investment page for the latest news and development projects in the US. 


Retiring to the USA

Retiring to the USA is widely considered a desirable option in itself. Florida is a particularly popular destination courtesy of a comfortable living environment, excellent property value and the draw of year-round sunshine.

Moving so far afield is a huge undertaking: there are many factors to be thought about, options to weigh up and prospects to explore when thinking about buying a property in the USA, whether this is a part time holiday home for a few months a year between residing outside of the US, or intended for permanent residence.

Unfortunately, US immigration laws can be inflexible in this respect. For those who wish to split their time between the USA and abroad, they may fulfil the eligibility requirements for a visitor’s visa, which generally allows non-US citizens the option of staying in the US for up to three months at a time provided they are not working. If a foreign national wishes to retire and live permanently in the United States, they need to find an alternative framework to complement their US immigration requirements.

Many retirees find themselves restricted by this, and aren’t aware of any other routes available to them: the EB-5 investor program is a clear road to achieving a sought after green card, and an option which befits the situation of many retirees perfectly – especially those seeking to move to the US on a permanent basis.

Why EB-5?

By investing $500,000 US dollars into a government-approved business, an applicant and their spouse can move to the US and live there with a conditional green card. This can be replaced with permanent residency after two years, with the potential to receive fully naturalised US citizen status after five years of living in the US.

Although the success of the business is naturally in the investor’s interest – 10 job positions must be created for US citizens within the first two years of investing – one of the main draws of the EB-5 program for retirees is that you do not have to participate in the day-to-day running of the business.

An EB-5 applicant becomes a limited partner, leaving the active management to the general partner. This leaves you to enjoy your lifestyle in America, and take advantage of any number of other opportunities, business or otherwise.


EB-5 as a Solution

Although the EB-5 program is not officially considered to be a ‘retirement visa’ – as such a thing currently does not exist – it is increasingly becoming recognised as a suitable option for those who seek to move to the USA in retirement. This program is a real asset to the many who decide to sell a property in their country of residence with a view to moving abroad. This has been seen to create capital flexibility in making an investment, such as the US $500,000 required for the EB-5 visa.

Retiring to Florida

Floridian tradition tells of its famed theme parks, but the choice of leisure incentives stretches far beyond. With the gulf coast beaches and blue skies framing stunning scenery, this makes possible a year round outdoor lifestyle.

Other popular Floridian assets include its miles of manicured golf courses and greenery, range of clubs, communities and activities, national parks and affordable property prices.

After a half decade of falling house prices, particularly in south Florida, the median price for a Floridian home at the beginning of 2012 was well below the national average of US $179,000 at $120,000. However, prices have risen again as the house market has recovered, with a current (2017) average closer to $209,000.


How We Can Help

At Immigration into America, we help facilitate the EB-5 program from start to finish. We will sort out your application, making sure all documents are streamlined and submitted in the correct manner, speak to you about your options, and put you in contact with areas of suitable investment – guiding you every step of the way. We are a friendly, one-stop solution with a range of contacts in the USA, including respected immigration lawyers Arnstein & Lehr, who we work closely with to facilitate the entire EB-5 process.


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