US Incorporation

We can help you incorporate a US company which means business.

Company incorporation forms the nucleus of our knowledge network, and we draw from our years of experience in the US incorporation field to help you to set up your business from start to finish.

  • •You may have an existing business and are thinking about expanding to the USA, and transferring there as an executive in order to run it
  • •You may be seeking to begin a business venture and invest in your own new enterprise in the United States    
  • •You might want to buy an existing US franchise, or another form of readymade company.

Arriving in a new business environment can be stressful, regardless of your expertise and background. There are unfamiliar rules and regulations to comply with, choices to make in terms of office location, hiring staff, finding suppliers and pleasing customers. You do not want to be bogged down in the technical details of company law. This adds no value to your business.

Our experts can take this worry away and let you concentrate on your real business issues. Contact us today for details of how we can help.


Our Services

We can provide professional and tailor-built formation packages for a complete solution to your US business’ needs:

  • Company formation – incorporating an existing company, providing you with a shelf company or registering your new business
  • Registered offices – we are able to offer US serviced offices in any state
  • Opening corporate bank accounts – making vital introductions to assist you in this manner
  • Accountancy services – professional advice from a US accountant should be an integral part of your incorporation
  • Tax planning – helping you to minimise your exposure to US tax liability. Click here for more information


Where Can I Incorporate?

Popular office locations

We can facilitate your incorporation into any of the 50 US states; however we have picked out the following popular formation packages which you may find particularly interesting:


Our most popular location for establishing a US office, Delaware hosts an attractive business environment courtesy of its low tax incentives and high levels of confidentiality. Upon receipt of all relevant information, we can help you set up your Delaware company within a week, without you having to visit the US.


California sports a business and economic climate as sunny as its weather, and alongside employing more Americans than any other state, it is a hub of affluence and diversity for start-ups and incorporations from all over the world.

One of the reasons California remains at the forefront of business activity is its highly successful technology sector: this is the fastest growing industry in the USA, and the state of California provides more highly paid jobs in technology than any other state. It also houses over 3 million small businesses and sits comfortably in the top 10 states in terms of fastest growing companies and initial public offerings.


Alongside housing one of the nation’s most prominent tourism industries, other incentives for Floridian company formation include its low tax rates, skilled and relatively cheap workforce and access to a wealth of foreign markets.

Florida corporations also have a continuous life, which will not vary regardless of any changes in ownership: shareholders of Florida corporations can be changed often, but the continuation of Florida State corporations will not be affected.

New York

Manhattan is undoubtedly the most prestigious and highly sought after business location in the USA. One of the outstanding unique benefits of New York incorporation is that although it holds position as a high-tax jurisdiction for businesses trading locally, it also offers an entity which is not subject to federal tax, or tax reporting.

If you are establishing your business abroad over in the USA, a popular choice for those actively engaging in trade within the state is either to form a corporation in New York, or to form in Delaware with registration to conduct business within New York.

Although many areas in the US are relatively straightforward and credible in terms of business setup, each state has its own individual policies and regulations: we are conscious that although the USA is one country, each state is governed differently, and we work with qualified local lawyers and accountants to ensure your US incorporation is a smooth one, whichever state you decide upon.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to have an initial discussion about your US incorporation.


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