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Approved Regional Centre Development Project in Florida

Immigration Into America welcomes investors who wish to immigrate to the United States with their family, the opportunity to move to the US with a direct route to permanent residency and a green card.

Located in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) in Southern Florida, the approved EB-5 project is well structured to become the largest Tilapia and Shrimp aqua-farm in the United States.

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Florida Project Highlights

Aquaculuture (or aquafarming) is the fastest growing sector of food production in the world, increasing every year for the last four decades. While the volume of fish caught in the wild hasn’t increased over recent years, today, aquaculture is responsible for over 50% of global fish production.

The United States is the world’s largest leading importer of fish with 91% coming from overseas and accounts for a trade deficit of $11billion per annum. Aquaculture is viewed as a sustainable solution for meeting the demands of the US market and feeding the world’s ever expanding population.

  • Approved EB-5 project by USCIS (United States Citizenship & Immigration Services).
  • Contracts are already in place anticipating an increase in net sales from $12m in 2016, to $68m by 2020.
  • Aquaculture has had consistent increases in volume and value for forty years.
  • Located in South Florida the location has the best climate for aquaculture.
  • Working in some of the largest aquaculture projects throughout the world, the project team has years of experience in microbiology, nutrition, genetics and reproduction.
  • Each investor will create approximately 17 new jobs, or 170% of the 10 required by USCIS.
  • The developer is contributing 27% of the overall cost.

Economists report
According to Florida Seafood and Aquaculture Statistics of 2012, The State of Florida is one of the top ranked US states for fresh seafood production with biomass production estimated at 43 million lbs. Projected sales are expected to reach $68 million by 2019.

“With capture fisheries production stagnating, major increases in fish food production are forecast to come from aquaculture. Taking into account the population forecast, an additional 27 million tons of production will be needed to maintain the present level of per capita consumption in 2030.”

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

Benefits of the EB-5 Investor Visa

  • Permanent residency for the applicant, their spouse and any children under 21.
  • Apply for US citizenship 5 years after being granted a conditional green card.
  • The EB-5 visa holder has the freedom to live anywhere in the United States.
  • College fees are set at the same rates as US citizens.
  • Ability to manage other business interests or to seek employment in the US.
  • No business management or minimal educational qualifications are required.

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